We're making a season two!

Lisa and Rich Proudly Present:

Finding Normal- The Web Series!

Episode One:  Welsh?

Episode Two:  Devin!

Episode Three: How To Ski In Antarctica

Episode Four: Penguin Marriage Counseling

Episode Five: Awkward Pass

Episode Six: The Cat Whisperer

Finding Normal The Web Series was first conceived by creator/writer Lisa Coombs in early 2012.  She envisioned a show that would be told from the point of view of a young woman (Ashley) with a certain unique quirkiness to her that has always made it very difficult to fit in.  Her constant social gaffs have driven her into seclusion, taking all of her college classes on-line and rarely leaving her apartment.  When our show begins, Ashley has just launched a quest to "find normal" in the form of a video diary, hoping that it will help her observe her own behavior objectively and figure out how to become more "normal" for the sake of social acceptance.

Despite her attempts to isolate herself, Ashley's on-line screenwriting class has assigned her to work with a partner (Devin).  When he first comes over Ashley experiences her usual bouts of anxiety and awkwardness, but she soon learns that Devin is on a very similar wavelength.  Although he exudes a level of confidence that she lacks completely, it's clear to her that his brain functions with its own unique brand of off-beat humor.  Has she finally found an individual capable of understanding her?

While our show tells the story of Ashley and Devin's budding friendship, it also digresses into sketch comedy as they brainstorm various ideas for writing projects.  Our first season of sketches will feature scenarios such as Skiing in Antarctica, Penguin Marriage Counseling, and the hiring of a Cat Whisperer!  Our sketches demonstrate what a pair of quirky yet creative minds can do when they're allowed to run free, and that perhaps being "normal" ain't all it's cracked up to be!

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